Wireless 5-Button Optical Mouse

Ergo 7000

  • 2.4GHz 5-button optical mouse
  • Wireless auto-frequency hopping technology
  • 1200 dpi for precision and speed
  • Buttons for web browsing of last page and next page
  • Plug and forget USB Pico receiver
  • Power switch extends battery life up to 6 months

Wireless 5-Button Optical Mouse

Introduce you the latest 5-buttib mouse from Genius-Ergo 7000. Compact to carry and easy to use in a comfortable design.

Ergo 7000 uses the most advanced 2.4GHz auto frequency-hopping technology to reduce interference for ultimate smoothness. Its Pico receiver is small enough to leave in your notebook and the Stick-N-Go mount keeps your mouse stationary when you’re moving around. It also features two extra buttons for programmable functions and the power saving technology can extend battery life up to six months.

Also, in order to relive memories of your first Genius mouse, let us introduce you the dual-logo Ergo 7000 as a classical anniversary model with for yours very unique collection.

Available in three colors of Charcoal Black, Metallic Peach or Metallic Green, for more information on Ergo 7000, you can contact your sales representatives.